About NC

The French poet Baudelaire developed a derived meaning of flâneur – that of “a person who walks the city in order to experience it”. I have long been a Baudelairean flâneur, an urban observer inspired by the splendour of streetscapes, captivated by the spectacle of the styled street window display.

This site is about sourcing & styling product, props & fashion for photography, interiors & window displays, developing projects, creating installations, combined with learning and teaching experiences.

The Windows section of this site gazes at the art & wonderment of window displays, celebrating those who work on, around and in the window arena, acting as a collective resource for window comrades – the artists, their admirers & learners of the trade.

Over many years in New York City I cut my teeth in the world of fashion styling, working in the fashion department at NY ELLE magazine before establishing a freelance career.

Under the tutelage of Uta Hagen and Carole Rosenfeld at HB Studios NYC, I learnt to measure success & failure by personal growth – to question & search for new answers, have a willingness to take risks & the daring to fail.

Like so many New Yorkers, I gazed transfixed, attempting to decipher those authentic characters that stood out from the passing throng. The city’s unique personality is represented in the style of the New Yorker – sidewalks are runways and the New Yorker is defined by their fashion – every bag, jacket & pair of shoes tells a styling story.

A decade in the city I love became my resource for the work I do today. I continue to be stimulated by what I see on the street. The window is a symbol of possibility. Vertically & horizontally NYC is filled with windows with possibilities. I saw them and was inspired to create ‘Window Space’ as seen in Installations, roving window boxes for community awareness & public exhibition.

I continue to work as a freelance stylist & develop & teach courses within the Visual Merchandising Department at TAFE, Sydney Institute, where I collaborate & learn with talented people who inspire me to fulfill my creative desires. Here is a selection of my work, sourced & salvaged for this site.


For further browsing take a stroll at www.belleflaneur.com